Gestion des systèmes, support, numérisation

//Gestion des systèmes, support, numérisation

Cit’s highly skilled employees can take care of every part of your ICT management completely or partially.

Think for example about system management, service desk of digitalization.

System management

Having smooth working ICT systems is of the greatest importance in almost every organization. The maintenance of these ICT systems is specialized work. Cit can take care of it for you completely or for parts of your infrastructure. Support is always custome made to the wishes of your organization, for example having our employees working at location (if needed 7 days a week) or by providing support on distance or on demand.

Cit does house a lot of knowledge about collection management and cultural institutions. Our employees offer more than just technical knowledge, they know and understand the needs for collection managing organizations and act on specific wishes and demands accordingly.

Service desk

Cit provides comprehensive support for all kinds of products and services. Cit has a widely available and skilled service desk, which can quickly answer questions and solve problems.

By taking out a maintenance contract for products delivered by Cit, you are assured of access to our service desk, as well as needed updates of software, et cetera.


More and more collections are being digitized. Partly to improve the management of the collections, but often also for making these sources accessible for the public.

Cit can completely or partially take care of digitization projects. The possibilities are diverse. The digitization of information about the collection, for example, inventory cards or other documents can be quickly and properly be carried out by employees of Cit.

Of course, images of all kinds can be digitized as well, either by photography of objects, or by the scanning images or other two-dimensional objects. All this can be taken care of at location or in the professional studio in the office of Cit.

All digitized data can easily be processed into you collection management system.

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