Cit offers partial and overall solutions for very diverse issues. That’s not only about the delivery of software and hardware, but also by providing of a large number of services.

Project management, test management, advise, information management, training, education; Cit can take care of it all.

Project and test management

Cit can take care of your project and test management completely or partially. That can be both projects which are carried out by Cit or by any other suppliers. The latter can be useful if there is insufficient knowledge and experience available within the own organization and there is need for support by an independent project manager.

The project managers perform all tasks necessary to achieve the intended results of the project, such as planning, organizing and controlling the project. Cit’s project managers bring along extensive experience in this field of work and knowledge of the cultural world.


Cit provides a lot of in-house expertise, for example about all aspects of the management and accessibility of collections. Cit can provide advice about various topics. For example in the areas of collection and information management or writing a policy or a digitization plan. Obviously Cit can also advise on all products and services supplied by Cit.


Cit offers several courses designed to ensure that the customer gets to know all about the products in use, aimed for anĀ optimum use of the products. Training aimed at specific knowledge or products are among the possibilities. Cit provides group courses and individual customized training.

For example Cit provides training focused on:

  • CollectionConnection
  • Crystal Reports
  • Microsoft Access
  • The Museum System: application management
  • The Museum System: basic training
  • The Museum System: advanced training