Cit can not only take care of unlocking digital collections or parts of it, but can also create attractive websites, intranet sites, information kiosks.

Cit delivers total solutions, where all concerns are taken care of.

Cit offers a broad range of standard programs for different applications. But if the standard programs do not meet the demands and requirements, we can deliver customized solutions and new products as well.

Cit delivers robust content management systems, which allows flexible and customer-friendly ways to maintain a website. It is also possible to choose from various modules to extend the functionality of a website (or another application). For example adding functionality for publsihing information about your agenda, exhibitions or we can set up a forum, virtual office or a web store with back office.

Co-operation with other suppliers belongs to the possibilities as well. For example, if it is desirable to use Collection Connection in combination with an already existing website.

Examples of websites based on our Collection Connection infrastructure you’ll find here.