The Cit team consists of professionals who think along with our customers and provide them with appropriate advice.

Our experienced specialists can move into the demands and wishes of the customer. The questions of the client are always translated into concrete and feasible solutions.

Clear communication between customer and contractor is of great importance. On the one hand to be able to collaborate effectively and on the other hand to make the best use of the available knowledge at the client and Cit. On basis of mutual understanding, the products or services provided, will always be in line with the expectations. Surprises are excluded.

Frans BridiƩ
Frans BridiƩManaging director
Frans is director and founder of Cit. He takes care of the project management and administrative and financial monitoring of projects.
Frans is a specialist in the use, installation and management of TMS and shares this knowledge with his customers; through training, education, advise and providing documentation.
Education: The Hague University (THUAS): Executive Training
Brik de Zwart
Brik de ZwartManaging director
Brik is director and project manager and main contact for our French customers. He is one of the designers and developers of Cit’s leading software. He does have oustanding knowledge of the business and museum world.
Brik did lead dozens of projects throughout Europe, including many in France.
Education: University of Leiden: Cultural anthropology
Arthur Hanselman
Arthur HanselmanProject and test manager
Arthur has been working for Cit as project and account manager since 2007 and is also specialized in CollectionConnection, databases and (collection) sites.

International Relations at Utrecht University
Business Informatics at Saxion Hogeschool Deventer

Shahin Mortazave
Shahin MortazaveSenior systeembeheerder
Julie Benvenuti
Julie BenvenutiConsultant
Julie is functional consultant. With an experience of 10 years as functional administrator of TMS in two museums in France, she acquired a profound knowledge about TMS and the management of cultural assets.
Leo Calia
Leo CaliaAssistant network administrator / project assistant
Patrick van Zoelen
Patrick van ZoelenAssistant network administrator / project assistant
Robert Reenders
Robert ReendersSysteembeheerder
Jamal el Khatouti
Jamal el KhatoutiSysteembeheerder
Julien Hoffmann
Julien HoffmannSysteemontwikkelaar / programmeur
Julien is a Microsoft Certified Application Developper with a specialization in SQL Server, and is a full time developper for Cit since 2003.
Education: CNAM Engineer, Paris
Rody Korthout
Rody KorthoutProgrammeur
Wout van Wezel
Wout van WezelSenior systeemontwikkelaar / senior programmeur