Cit will always offer a suitable solution, either on basis of standard or customized work.

Delivering a collection management system, system management, the drafting of a collection plan, collection registration, digitization or create websites or collection sites, Cit will offer a suitable solution.

The Museum System (TMS)

The Museum System Helps You Expertly Manage Your Collection

The Museum System (TMS) is the world’s leading collection management software, handling every facet of collections both large and small, from objects and exhibitions to insurance policies, shipping activities, and more.


With CollectionConnection, an infrastructure developed by Cit, you’ll have available flexibel software that allows you to unlock any form of structured date for external use.

Of course this can be data from the database of The Museum System, but also any other kind of data can be easily accessed and used in websites, information systems, mobile applications, et cetera.

Websites and applications

Cit can not only take care of unlocking digital collections or parts of it, but can also create attractive websites, intranet sites, information kiosks.

Cit does deliver total solutions, where all concerns can be taken care of.

Location management

For collection managers it is very important to know exactly where objects from the collection are located. Location management is of great importance in the management of collections.

Parts of the collections are often moved, for instance for new exhibitions, loans or while redesigning the permanent exhibitions or depots. It is obviously of great interest to administer displacements correctly.


Cit provides a wide range of services including:

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DISC Jukebox

Cit is ook leverancier van DISC opslagsystemen.

De nieuwe DISC ArXtor serie biedt kosteneffectieve en innovatieve oplossingen voor het creëren en beheren van digitale archieven. Eenvoudig te installeren, te bedienen en te beheren; de ArXtor serie biedt maximale flexibiliteit in een breed scala aan modellen.