In 2018 Gallery Systems, the producer of The Museum System (TMS), decided to increase the annual maintenance price for TMS in two steps. The first increase in costs was not passed on by Cit to the existing customers, but with this second step in 2019 we will have to pass on the costs for the maintenance contract to our customers. There will be no change to TMS license prices or other costs concerning TMS.

In 2020 Gallery Systems has increased the annual maintenance price with 5%.
Clients who want to migrate to TMS Collections in 2020 are eligable for a discount on the costst of customization. The discount is the difference in costs for maintenance in 2020 compared to 2019.

Here is some of what’s included in your annual maintenance for TMS:

  • Unlimited TMS help desk support from our dedicated client support team
  • The newest software version upgrades and service packs at no charge
  • Monthly free webinars and published articles to help you get the most from your collection management system investment
  • Access to training courses, regional user groups, and our global users’ conference, Collective Imagination
  • Access to TMS Collections, the browser-based collection management system, with no additional license fees. Watch our recent webinars describing the features of this new product

If you have any questions about maintenance and support for TMS, eMuseum, Conservation Studio, Media Studio, or any Gallery Systems product, please feel free to contact us by mail or phone (0031 70 34 55 430) for more information.